What is psoriasis and what causes it

Psoriasis is a systemic disease. Treatment of this disease should be carried out by complex methods. This should be done for the reason that in such patients there is a violation in the work of several internal organs at once. The causes of psoriasis can also be different.

psoriasis on the elbow


Doctors have not been definitively established what causes psoriasis. But at the same time, the main factors by which plaques appear on the skin include:

  • genetic predisposition. If parents had psoriasis, then only in 25% of cases can it be passed on to their children. When both parents suffer from such a disease, the risk of transmission increases. Medicine does not yet know the exact moments at the level of the genes that contribute to the transmission of the disease.
  • Psychosomatic. Psychological reasons also affect the onset of the disease. Psoriasis appears in those who are constantly in a nervous state or are constantly under stress.
  • Immunity. A disease can also appear with a decrease in blood quality indicators or a decrease in immunity.
  • Thyroid gland. With a change in the hormonal background, it will be possible to observe the manifestation of plaques on the body.
  • git. Failures of the digestive system lead to the manifestation of psoriasis.
  • Insufficient amount of vitamins B and A in the human body.
  • Psoriasis can occur after SARS. At the same time, doctors claim that a cold simply serves as an activation of the onset of the disease, but is not its cause.

To provide the patient with a prolonged remission, he must constantly take vitamins and use ointments.


The plates have different geometric shapes and colors. However, they are slightly convex. The rash is covered with remnants of dead skin. They can be deleted. After that, a spot will remain on this part of the body, the color of which will differ from the rest of the skin.

The spot size can range from 1 to 10 centimeters. There are smaller plates and sizes. Such manifestations can merge into a common mass and affect the whole body. These parts of the body can be itchy. The skin cells will recover there much more slowly than on a healthy epidermis.

The causes of psoriasis can be psychological factors. Psychology is also important here. After suffering from stress, a rash may appear on a person's head. It can also occur on the face or ankles. The disease spreads on the head mainly in the scalp. In the early stages of the appearance of such a disease, it is easy to confuse it with seborrhea. Therefore, the patient for a long time may not pay attention to the symptoms, attributing this to the usual irritation of the epidermis.

psoriasis medications

Scientists say that no matter why this disease appeared, its symptoms may not appear immediately. Spots on the body should become a signal of danger. Usually they have a different geometry and a small diameter. On such manifestations there may be particles of dead epidermis.


The causes of psoriasis are different, but the treatment must be comprehensive. First, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms of psoriasis, then to the causes. The causes and the treatment are linked.

To immediately stop the disease and prevent the possibility of its spread, it is necessary:

  • Set up a diet.
  • Eat foods containing vitamins B12, B16, B and A.
  • Do not eat spicy, fried and salty.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not be nervous and avoid stress.

At the initial stage of the manifestation of such a disease, it can be treated with salicylic acid ointments. It will relieve inflammation, reduce itching and remove bacteria from the surface of the plaques. In case of complications and in severe cases, treatment is carried out with the help of hormone ointment. With it, the patient will relieve inflammation and reduce the possibility of spreading plaques. The severity of symptoms will also decrease.

Psoriasis also occurs in children. The causes of psoriasis here can be different. Psoriasis in children is also treated comprehensively. They are prescribed calcium, vitamins, antihistamines and sedatives. You can also take herbal baths to relieve stress and tension.

female psoriasis

An indirect effect on the manifestation of plaques can be a surge of hormones. The initial stage of the disease can also be diagnosed in a child during puberty. In women, the onset of the manifestation of the disease may coincide with the onset of menstruation. Symptoms can also appear in adulthood during menopause, when a hormonal surge is observed in the body.

pregnant woman with psoriasis at the doctor

When carrying a fetus, women experience remission. This is due to the adrenal glands working hard, releasing a large amount of cortisone.

It should also be noted that the causes, symptoms and treatment of psoriasis can be almost the same in women and men, regardless of age.


Half of people with psoriasis may also have joint problems. This disease can affect people between the ages of 30 and 40. Symptoms usually appear in the legs. For diagnosis, you will need to undergo an x-ray, pass urine and blood tests.

Doctors have not yet determined the possibility of an individual approach to each patient with the ability to cure this disease. Therefore, to eliminate the symptoms, nonsteroidal drugs and ointments can usually be prescribed.

Folk remedies

In a child or an adult, psoriasis can also be treated with folk remedies. It lends itself to such treatment. At the same time, the causes of psoriasis can also be different.

If the disease manifests itself due to a gastrointestinal disorder, it can be successfully treated by taking herbal decoctions. Tinctures should be on alcohol. Here you can use the following plants:

  1. Aloe.
  2. Burdock.
  3. Barley.
  4. Dandelion and others.

These plants can have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect on the patient's body.


It is important to follow a diet with such a disease. During periods of exacerbation, it is worth abandoning the use of citrus fruits, milk, eggs. It is also worth taking salty foods carefully and in small quantities, but it is better to completely refuse salt. You should also not drink rich broths made from meat or fish. At the same time, doctors note that alcohol in small quantities can be consumed periodically. When the disease begins to progress, it is useful for the body to go on fasting days.

doctor examines psoriasis on the head


Psoriasis can occur with exacerbations. In this case, most of the surface of the patient's skin may be stained. The condition of the joints will worsen. This is dangerous because with heart failure, pathology can lead to serious consequences.

In this case, the patient will have to comply with bed rest without fail, inject intravenous fluid that will help relieve inflammation, take complex medications that the doctor will prescribe, and apply bandages to the skin for cooling.


Considering all the reasons why plaques can appear on the body, it is possible to determine methods of prevention that help prolong remission. It is:

  • Stop smoking and alcohol.
  • Take sedatives and avoid stress.
  • Do not eat junk food (fried, salty, etc. ).
  • Monitor the work and condition of the thyroid gland. That's why you need to see your doctor regularly.
  • Completely refuse cosmetics or use them only in small quantities.
  • Establish a daily routine.
  • Take vitamins, especially after SARS.

A good way to prevent psoriasis is ultraviolet radiation. Rays can be both artificial and natural. Therefore, patients are advised to be in the sun or fresh air more often. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, damaged areas of skin produce an enzyme that can speed up the process of cell regeneration. With the help of such baths it is possible to successfully treat skin psoriasis and nail psoriasis.

It should also be noted that scientists have found that there is still no way to fully recover from this disease. Remission can be observed for six months to several years.

Knowing these points, you will be able to determine the symptoms of psoriasis in time, as well as consult a doctor. If such a disease is treated at an early stage, the therapy process can be greatly facilitated and accelerated.